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We attend Woodlands Church at 9:30 AM Sundays
Owner Scott Petersen has experienced first-hand the physical and emotional requirements needed to successfully coordinate, plan, organize and implement such an overwhelming event. Personal and professional transitions, multiple long distance moves and working with his Mother's relocation to Independent Living in 2009 and passing in January of 2019.

After working in the Corporate World for over 30 years, Scott began the company 'The Woodlands Senior Transitions', a business that provides help to seniors, individuals and families that need assistance with senior moving, downsizing, including liquidation/estate sales.
As your onsite advocates, Scott will work with you and your family to ensure that your needs are met no matter how big or small. Their services will minimize the stress while assisting you through a difficult and challenging time in your family’s life. His compassionate employees are carefully chosen to meet your specific wants and needs…as they assist us in preparing for the sale as well as during the sale. All sales are personally handled by Scott and does’t pass it on to others.
Scott has 3 Sons, 3 Grandsons and
1 Granddaughter.
WITH ATTENTION TO DETAIL... PROVEN MARKETING, BUSINESS AND COMMON SENSE... Scott is working on his 261st Sale since beginning the Actual Estate Sales part of the Business in July 2012!
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THE WOODLANDS TEXAS - Population of 100,000+ and 35,000+ dwellings...

A Senior Passed, A Senior moving to ADULT CARE!
A whole house of loved items... Need to SELL the house...
We have tried to help for YEARS - do NOT call US!
We got another 'CEASE and DESIST' demand (dated April 16, 2019) from The Woodlands Township's Attorneys !!!!